We don’t like to cut and run, at MyLawnCare we try to fulfil as many different outdoor home maintenance needs as we can. Whilst our primary service is lawn mowing and acreage mowing, you can also get in touch to ask us about hedge trimming services, residential landscape design, gardening services, gutter cleaning and green waste removal. Not every yard is cut from the same wood, so to speak, and what works for Joe might not for Jane. Jump onto our online booking form in order to see how a service fits for your property.


Fact: The lawn mower was invented in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding, an engineer from Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.
With a name like that, how can you not love the man? Mr. Beard Budding serves as our inspiration to make your lawn ridiculously good looking each and every visit. It’s true, excellent lawn mowing is not a complicated task but rather a skill which must be acquired through years of experience. This is why, when it comes to Lawn Care Pro’s, we only partner with the cream of the crop.


You don’t go with the hair dressers or barber and ask for a cut on the top while ignoring the sides.
So why would you lawn be any different? Edge trimming is the chocolate sauce which sits atop of the ice cream (ice cream = lawn mowing in this weird analogy). Some people (those who must not be named), like to think of edge trimming as an afterthought, however our Pro’s know a exquisite edge trimming can mean the difference between a 4 star lawn and a 5 star.


Gandalf The Grey (2017)

“The path to Mordor has always been a treacherous one… and Orcs are only half the battle! The grass is waist high and my robes get caught every few strides. Thanks to the MyLawnCare crew this latest journey was our easiest yet. I was so happy with the work, I gave the two gentlemen a freddo frog each. Onwards!”

He Who Must Not Be Named (2017)

“As someone who works full time and travels frequently, having MyLawnCare come by each week to ensure my Lair’s garden does not become overrun is life changing. For most issues in life, I can cast a simple spell to fix it – however, when it comes to my garden… I let MyLawnCare work their magic!”