How MyLawnCare Works

Choose Your Service

Select the day, what you need done, and how often using our simple online booking form.

Manage Everything Online

Rescheduling, adding a note to your booking or getting in touch is just a tap, click or text away.

Sit Back and Relax

An experienced, fully-equipped team of lawn care professional will be there on your selected day – to get your lawn looking better than ever.

The Most Reliable Name in Lawn Mowing

Here’s how it works — just go to our website and just let us know how large your lawn is, any extras that you need done, when you want us there and anything else we might need. We will then assign your job to one our experienced and highly trained teams of professionals who will arrive on your selected day to get the work done!


MyLawnCare work with only the absolute best teams and professionals in the lawn care industry. Many of the hardworking people servicing your lawn will have a horticultural or agriculture background. This means we know our grass from our weeds and are ready to help you keep your lawn in top shape!


Late nights at work preventing you from pulling out the lawn mower? Too busy taking the kids to school, practices, and playdates to do it on the weekends? We know life can be crazy and unpredictable, and when you’re tired and overworked, the last thing anybody wants to do is stand out in that beating Aussie sun and mow the lawn. That is why MyLawnCare saves you the hassle and gets it done when we say we will.


When you schedule a service with MyLawnCare to come to your property, you can rest assured knowing that someone will be there ready to go on that day. They’ll help return your yard to that fantastic state that you remember from when you first moved in!


Happy to mow your lawn every week? Great! But if you are moving in or out of your home or townhouse, or having a house party or family reunion – you want your lawn looking better than ever before. With our professional team, we can reccommend a number of improvements to your lawn or garden weeks in advance. This means you can relax and handle the many other things going on in your life, knowing your yard will impress real estate agents, landlords and in-laws alike.

Why Book With MyLawnCare?

If you’re in need of lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weed treatment, garden care or yard clean up services – we have you covered! With multiple teams we can almost always find a spot for you on short notice and get your yard up to speck. Add in our upfront, flat rate pricing – meaning you don’t have to worry about your quote constantly changing. Then tack on our full time support team available via text, call or email – and you have an unparrelled service. 

What Services Can We Offer?

Choose from any of our many services to be able to simply and easily have your lawn managed. Unsure what you need done? Just book in to get your lawn mowed and let us know what we should take a look at while we are there and we will let you know what needs to be done.

Lawn Mowing & Edging

  • All standard bookings include getting your lawn mowed
  • We will also whippersnipper your lawn edges
  • Overgrown? Add it is an extra to your booking!

Hedge Trimming

  • Able to do hedges up to 3m in height
  • Simple pricing based on height and number
  • Experienced professionals mean we know how to cut based on species and needs
  • We can take away the clippings as well

Weed Treatment

  • Know what weeds you have? Let us know and we can buy the right product or bring the right equipment to handle it
  • Not sure what has you grass struggling? We can identify and handle it for you

Anything Else?

  • Top Dressing
  • Mulching
  • Aeration
  • Gardening
  • If you have something else, give us a call and lets chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in a service?

That is your choice! We offer a broad range of services on top of our general lawn mowing. That said a standard booking is a mowing of your yard and then the edging with a whipper snipper.

Who will come to my place?

MyLawnCare has a number of teams and professionals we utilise to provide services across Brisbane. Based on the time and date of your request, we work to assign the best professional available. If you jump on a recurring service, then we will do our absolute best to ensure that you have the same team every time. This means you know what to expect each time MyLawnCare arrives.

Can I skip or reschedule bookings?

You can reschedule or cancel any booking for free up until 24 hours in advance of the scheduled day. This ensures that we can keep our teams schedules as full as possible and is a crucial part of keeping our service the reliable one that households everywhere can trust.

I need more help

If you need additional assistance, feel free to send us our message or give us a call!

Customer Reviews

  Mel M. – Kenmore, Brisbane

The guys were extremely helpful and supportive of my needs. Their willingness to fit in with my timeline was greatly appreciated. The work completed was great and exceeded my expectations

  Mark S – Riverhills, Brisbane

The team’s service exceeded my expectations. The lawn and hedges look fantastic – no mess anywhere in the yard. The team were helpful and knowledgable, giving me advice on how to improve the lawn and new bamboo hedging.. We look forward to the next booking.

  Peta L – Oxley, Brisbane

Excellent service. They make it really easy too. I can book online and pay it automatically. And communication before and after the clean makes it great. I’m so happy with the work they do. I definitely recommend them for any garden and yard needs.

  Blake B. – Hamilton, Brisbane

[MyLawnCare] did a fantastic job with both my front yard and back yard. I booked on the website and was happy with the price although it was a little more expensive. I love how it is all done online with no waiting time for people to call me back to arrange a booking. Love this service!

  Bianca M. – Paddington, Brisbane

They did a great job. My husband and I came home to a beautifully mowed lawn & were impressed with how well they got some of the thicker parts of our hilly backyard done


MyLawnCare is available for lawn mowing services across the South East Queensland region.



Taking care of the grass on your property in Brisbane is hard work. Some of the tasks you have to do well more than once include mowing and trimming. The grass also needs fertilising. Doing some of these tasks alone is possible. However, it’s better to leave the work to people who know what to do. Often, this involves selecting and hiring a local lawn mowing Brisbane service.

The following guideline should help you to choose a service:

  1. Determine the needs you want met
  2. Inquire about the philosophies and methods the company uses
  3. Speak with neighbours and other customers who have used the same service
  4. Ask for a yard inspection and free estimate/quote
  5. Ask for information on pricing and extent of services the company offers
  6. Understand the services the company provides before signing any contract
  7. Ask for guarantees
  8. Check if the company has all the licenses



Your yard needs the best lawn maintenance. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you think the yard is. The objective of maintenance is to end up with grass that looks better and is more beautiful than it was before you embarked on this project.

One thing worth avoiding is over-mowing. Longer grass isn’t as bad as you think. In fact, it’s beautiful and healthy. The secret is to maintain the length of your grass to around 7.5-10cm. This way, weeds will not grow or dare to shade your grass out.

It’s advisable to use a sharp blade at all times if you want to cut the grass evenly and cleanly. Overwatering during the dry spells might be tempting. However, overwatering can damage your yard. Heavy watering is fine, but only when infrequently done.

Lastly, know the best time for dealing with problems brought about by weeds. Moreover, know the right time for applying fertilisers too. Apply these tips, but don’t hesitate to hire an expert to provide the best yard maintenance services if everything seems difficult to you.


Professionals are capable of doing a better job compared to you. They have the training, experience, tools and personnel needed to do an excellent job. The expert consider many factors, which include determining the current level of the yard. The work is tough.

The work is tough because it involves removing all weeds from the yard too. Often, this involves using weed killers mixed with fertilisers. At times, the professionals have to remove the weeds before replacing these with sod from a different part of the yard.

Professional services also involve identifying the right height at which to cut your grass. It’s fine to cut grass lower as long as it’s fairly shaded and receives plenty of water. Such an approach wouldn’t work with grass located in a place renowned for hot sunlight and dry conditions.

staff mowing the lawn

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