Lawn Mowing Services


When to Use a Lawn Mowing Service?


If you own property that has grass, you may have wondered whether to mow it alone or hire a lawn mowing service. The love you have for cutting the grass doesn’t matter here. What’s important is settling on the right thing for your property.


Mowing requires specialised tools and equipment, which cost a lot of money. For example, you have to pay around $1,500 to buy a ride-on lawn mower for acreage mowing. A blower typically costs $150 while a weed eater goes for around $100. Do you have this kind of money??


So, use a lawn mowing service if you lack the money to buy the right tools. Generally, hiring a lawn mower is advisable when you don’t have the time to work on your yard because of your extremely busy schedule. You should do this to avoid making your yard appear abandoned.


Therefore, let nothing stop you from making this decision.

The Locations MyLawnCare Currently Serve


Due to popular demand, we are looking to expand our services to cover as many locations as we can. However, we make changes slowly within the business as serving our current customers home’s remains our number one priority. With that said, we are currently serving the following locations:

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What is Typically Covered by a Lawn Maintenance Business?


It pays to hire a good yard maintenance business or expert. The benefits are sweeter when you understand what each business typically covers with maintenance services. A good business brings its years experience to your yard to make it better by:

  1. treatment analysis and assessment
  2. fertilisation
  3. controlling insect and weed infestation
  4. soil aeration


Yard care is complex. A trial and error approach to taking care of the grass will only leave you feeling frustrated. In fact, it’s impossible to attain your maintenance goals without a good plan and strategy in place. Therefore, prepare one first before doing anything else.


It’s important to know what to expect each time contractors from the maintenance business show up on your property. These experts determine your needs, ask questions, provide estimates, and prepare a service schedule.

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Should You Mow the Lawn Yourself?


Before delving deep into the issue of mowing your yard yourself or hiring an expert to do it, it would be prudent to look at the benefits of lawn maintenance. First, maintenance helps your yard remain healthy. Other benefits include:

  • lawn mowing is great for your health
  • saves money
  • creates an opportunity for customising your yard
  • allows you to know your yard better


Before making a decision, consider the cost DIY lawn mowing vis-à-vis hiring expert contractors. Consider the size of your yard too. Your grass cutting skills, or lack thereof, also deserve serious evaluation.


How much do you enjoy working on your yard? Some people find such tasks quite tedious. If you’re in this category, there’s likelihood that you may not do an excellent job. In such cases, you will be better off hiring experts to work on beautifying your yard.

The Challenging Chore of Lawn Care


Yard care is a challenging task. Whether you’re an expert or not, the truth is that everything can go wrong when providing your yard with the care it deserves. The core challenge of lawn care and maintenance is keeping the grass green and lush.


Providing your grass with all the care it needs should help it remain green. Neglecting the grass, on the other hand, increases its likelihood of turning brown. Without proper care, you will be exposing the yard to attacks by pests and multiple diseases too.


Fertilisation is equally important. In fact, it’s advisable to fertilise grass about 3-4 times each year. During hot weather, it’s crucial that you water the lawn at least twice each week for around 30-40 minutes. Good fertilisation and ample watering keeps the grass green.


Furthermore, avoid doing the following mistakes too while taking care of your lawn:

  1. overfertilisation
  2. overwatering
  3. selecting wrong grass
  4. poor soil preparation
  5. cutting the grass too short
  6. exposing the grass to too much shade

 The Local Lawn Mowing Service


All the solutions you need for your yard are available from the company of contractors who provide local lawn maintenance services. Therefore, begin your search locally with experts such as MyLawnCare to see how you can benefit from professional grass care services and even gutter cleaning services.


Even if you prefer DIY lawn service, there’s nothing wrong with learning the tips and tricks from experts who have operated in the industry for decades. Learn from experts and use these lessons to not only improve your skills but also improve your garden substantially.


From the experts, you will learn about the pros and cons of using chemicals to take care of your grass too. Without this knowledge, you may transform your lush grass into a place that everybody wants to avoid because of its unattractiveness. Remember to keep the grass clean and beautiful.