Let’s Cut To The Chase.

Work, kids, beers, cheeky cocktails and lazy movie nights. These essentials must all take priority Monday to Sunday.


This doesn’t leave much time for the finer trimmings of adult life. Which is why you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve made it to this page… as you shall soon learn like countless others, your grass will certainly be greener with us.


Rather than list all the remarkable things we can and will do to your lawn we wanted to keep this page short – just like your grass.
(We warned you about the puns).


Boring stuff: Our founding team is three brothers from Brisbane, QLD. We were each born 5 years apart (not that that matters anyway). FYI – we also have a sister, but she’s sick of us three so she’s off in the corporate world.

MyLawnCare Brisbane Team Photo

Still on the fence...

Here's 3 Reasons Why We Make The Cut