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3 Reasons To Choose MyLawnCare

Ridiculously Simple

Book your recurring or one-time lawn mowing or yard work service online with instant confirmation. Add instructions and pay securely online by debit or credit card.

Remarkable Service

We love what we do here at MyLawnCare and that positivity will come across in every interaction we have you! Just a heads up, we also do enjoy the occasional Lawn pun...

Reliable Pro's

All our Lawn Care Pro's are carefully vetted and interviewed prior to joining us. All have years of lawn care experience behind them, as well as kickass personalities!

Our Team

  • Experienced Lawn Care professionals
  • Consistently high customer rating
  • ABN and Insured
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • No waiting, no quotes, no phone calls

John, Lawn Care specialist


If you’re not happy with your service we will be back to fix it for free! If you’re still not happy, we'll offer a full refund. The strongest guarantee in the business.




Pick a day and time that fits your schedule.


Booking online is quick and easy.


You're payment is secured through SSL encryption.


No commitments, no hassles, no worries.


You pick services that fit your needs.


Peta - Oxley, Brisbane

“Excellent service. They make it really easy too. I can book online and pay it automatically. And communication before and after the clean makes it great. I’m so happy with the work they do. I definitely recommend them for any garden and yard needs.”

Mark - Indooroopilly, Brisbane

“Very happy with our regular service! You go the extra mile and I will recommend your services to anyone needing lawn care professionals.”


MyLawnCare is a fully insured lawn mowing and garden maintenance business.


We offer easy online booking, hassle-free scheduling and cashless payment. We have simplified the process to make booking your service a joy!


Our lawn mowing services include mowing, fertilising, hedging and pruning, weed control and gutter cleaning. As part of services we take away all of our green waste so your yard is free of clippings. Our service is tailored to be even better for those who make their booking regularly with discounts for more frequent bookings. MyLawnCare can also be tailored for real estate rental properties and bond servicing.


Came here because you’re selling your home and want to get the most for? We can ensure your garden beds don’t look outdated and you don’t have weeds growing through your grass. Head to our online booking form to get an easy quote or give us a call to talk to our uber friendly staff.


We service all of the following locations in Australia:

Lawn mowing Brisbane

Lawn mowing Gold Coast

Lawn mowing Toowoomba


Don’t Even Think About Hiring Lawn Care Service Without Reading This First!


By lunchtime on a Friday, most of the country is pretending to work as they start to plan the weekend. Fishing, shopping, going to the pub or watching the footy features high on many lists.


Lawn mowing fails to make the cut. I mean, who wants to spend valuable downtime trudging up and down the yard cutting grass?


You might not want to mow the lawn, but we know some weirdos who do.


For a reasonable fee, you can relax on the weekend instead of being nagged to mow the lawn by your partner. Of course, we offer way more than a lawn mowing service. No self-respecting lawn mowing professional is going to leave the edges untrimmed and the hedges looking shabby!


Our yard services are top notch and you will feel proud as you survey your 5-star yard. Unlike other yard maintenance companies, we get the job done right every time. No matter what size or shape your yard is, our team has you covered.


Not sure hiring a lawn care service is for you? Let’s look at exactly what you’ll miss out on.

Brisbane's Best Lawn Care Service From $48/hour!

If you’re not happy with your service we will be back to fix it for free! If you’re still not happy, we’ll offer a full refund. The strongest guarantee in the business.

Maintain a Beautiful Yard Without Having To Lift a Finger


Why are we so obsessed with crafting the perfect lawn for our customers? Well, it all started on a morning drive through our very own suburb.


The lawn is the ultimate symbol of suburbia. Think of the advertisements you see for a new housing estate. They usually involve a young couple standing on a manicured lawn in front of a perfect house, showing off big, perfect smiles.


On my drive through my own suburb though, I noticed one big problem. The houses seemed nice enough and the people were sufficiently smiley, but the lawns were sad. Far from the manicured ideal, the lawns in my suburb were shabby and poorly kept.


I knew I had to act and bring five star lawns to the people. Everyone deserves to stand triumphantly on their perfect lawn and survey their suburban castle.


I gathered a team that felt the same way as I did and the rest is history.


With our expert care, your front and back yard can look like a million dollars. Our team will come in and do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. You can rely on our lawn care experts to show up on time and do the job as agreed every time.


Our unique pricing system uses a flat fee for hours worked or tasks completed – so there’s no more messing around with quotes! You will be amazed at how good your lawn looks.


We are well aware that many people find it hard to trust lawn care services after poor experiences in the past. Shoddy operators, known also as ‘lawn pirates’ often quote way more than is fair, don’t show up on time, or can’t do the job right.


You can rest assured that our passionate lawn care specialists will get the work done right the first time, every time. They just hate seeing a job done badly and won’t rest until everything is complete.


You will be stunned at the results achieved for our affordable flat fees.


Like we mentioned, we do way more than just lawns. Check out all the other services we offer to keep your yard on point.

From Lawn Mowing to Edge Trimming, We Have Gardeners Too!


A manicured lawn surrounded by an unkempt garden is like a Bunning’s sausage without tomato sauce. We can’t stand leaving a job half done, which is why our team does way more than mow lawns.


Here are some of our most popular services: 


Hedge Trimming – A shabby hedge will take attention away from your immaculate lawn. That is why we bring the tools and expertise necessary to cut your hedges down to size. You could trim your own hedges, but with our service, you can save time and get guaranteed top class results.


Edge Trimming – Others in the industry would call it a day once the lawn is mowed, but we know better. No lawn can be complete until the edges are trimmed. It is without a doubt a tedious task, which is why so many people hate doing it. Our team has high standards though and we couldn’t possibly leave an edge untrimmed!


Gardening Services  No matter what type of garden you have, our experienced professionals can get it looking world class. Having a well-kept garden not only looks great, it can also boost the value of your home if you are selling. We can do all the hard yakka in the garden for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.


Waste Removal – Keeping grass, hedges, and gardens in good order generate a lot of waste, especially in the city where backyards are small. You may not have room to compost or dispose of your own green waste. But our team can take it all with us, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Don’t take our word on it though, all you need to do is see how happy our customers are:


We’ve had a few lawn people over the past years and none have really nailed it until you guys. Well done! – Luke


Easy to book, quick customer service and beautifully mowed grass. 5-star service! – Brodie


My team is very efficient and always leaves the garden looking super tidy.  Highly recommended! Lauren

Brisbane's Best Lawn Care Service From $48/hour!

If you’re not happy with your service we will be back to fix it for free! If you’re still not happy, we’ll offer a full refund. The strongest guarantee in the business.

Make Yard Maintenance Fast, Easy, and Affordable With Reliable Lawn Mower Services


If you live in Brisbane, then you are in luck because My Lawn Care has teams serving the city and surrounding suburbs. That means we have someone nearby who can get your yard fixed up in a flash.


Booking with us through our online system couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your details in our online form, including the time and date you want our team to do the work. After this, you will need to decide your level of service. Select the number of hours you would like us to spend on your yard, as well as any extra services needed. This could include hedge trimming or weed treatment.


You will be given a final price for the services you have selected. Unless more time or extra services are approved by you, this cost will not change. What you see is what you get. You will then pay right on the My Lawn Care site so you don’t have to deal with it on the day of service. If you want a regular service schedule, we offer discounts!


My Lawn Care is so confident that you will have a great experience that we guarantee all our yard work. If ever you are unhappy, contact us and we will make it right. You could keep on wasting those weekends outside pushing a mower or try a company that cuts corners or cheats you on price. Instead, work with My Lawn Care and get amazing service at a competitive price.


Ready to strike mowing off your weekend to do list? Here’s how to book a time with one of our lawn care professionals now.


Complete a new booking with My Lawn Care right now and save your weekend!


MyLawnCare is available for lawn mowing

services across the South East Queensland region.